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down, sobbing and sighing, to remain tranquil for a shorter or

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intermediate stage is a period of cerebral irritation, which

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from travel or change of conditions, should be kept under observation

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n;. t its. If u man fails in the performance of his duties by reason of

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sometimes found imbedded in the tissues, evidently rest-

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for diagnosticating the composition of the calcidus, following the

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mission into the hospital were more serious and obstinate, par-

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to Sicily. Having taken the degree of M. D. at Berlin, he went to Paris,

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We are trying in our work here, to boil down our requirements to

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nitude of the crime. Thus, in the year 1826, a young girl

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He had lost thirty pounds in weight in six months. During the next four

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consisting chiefly of milk diet and antiseptic lavage of the throat.

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The Delegates convened pursuant to adjournment, at the store of Mr.

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this posterior wall unnecessary, since the lower part of the

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once discarded the usfe of all other medicaments ex-

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has found its most apt illustration in cases of folie circulaire, in

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distance astern of the steamship England, on board of which

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treated with the X-ray. It is a photograph of the abdomen taken four

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disease is readily recognized. In well-marked cases the possibility that an

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me during the period referred to. It should be explained, however, thai

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alone. Some time ago, Sir StClair Thomson brought forward some cases

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4. The very obftinate coilivenefs, which does not yield even

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abundant, they are evidence of a certain functional insufficiency of the

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Palsy of the trigeminal nerve is indicated by the usual phenomena of

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chiefly after the expectoration has been interrupted for a considerable length of

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jective visual sensation ; and that the regions from which they can be

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quamation repeats itself five or six times, there is no possible limita-

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either the original dilatation has not been followed by any- great de-

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