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    Six free scholarships are obtainable by competitive examina-

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    tions, illustrating some of the methods of employing the differ-

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    of lower curvature). Mucous membrane of a leaden colour, excepting a

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    was able to obtain a positive Wassermann reaction with normal serum

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    down, I trust, with its honourable traditions of usefulness and fair dealing

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    such as bone, teeth, shell, etc., require to be cut into thin sections, and

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    After a fair trial as to the merits of the different modes of

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    by a violent lifting of the flanks, confined to the upper part, and

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    recipe, as a substitute for Paint, induces us to re-publish it.

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    vdth an energy quotient surpassing 100 calories per kilogram of body

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    most day and night in the wards or post-mortem room."

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    ceases to flow, and the tourniquet may then be removed. The

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    structural alterations as all other similar membranes, which may !><•

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    influence, is a truth which has been strongly impressed upon us by the

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    Thorough and deep curetting, with careful and repeated

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    erosion of the third, fourth, and fifth costal cartilages,

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    without omitting any essential consideration. All that relates

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    ter; and it is just what we would expect, for the veins,

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    wanted a more perfect animal) — as the farmer has to say, it has done no harm

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    To Subscribers. — Those in arrears are requested to send

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    Curability further depends very much on the temperament of

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    care have been voicing ever since the first Wagner-Mur-


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    Strictures of the^urcthra.' by Leroy EtioUes. Hev ^5

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    far as was known, was attacked at about the same time.

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    de quelques t61eost6ens. CouiiJt. rend. Acad. d. sc., Par.,

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    the climate of intertropical Africa ? That it does exist there can be no

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    Oct 13 Geriatric Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Sioux Valley Hospital Meeting Room A; Info: Gwen Jensen RN - 333-1000.

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    March 13, 1851. It has been read twice, and referred to the committee on

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    tlie latter tlie abscess ends in the transformation process. In

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    subacidity is the result of the chronic inflammatory

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    The dispensary medical officers offer a system of organization avail-

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    chemical examination, urea, urates, and chlorides were found

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    with lead and mercury, in syphilis, jaundice, diabetes, following the

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    the cerebro spinal fluid. They were desir- London, the sugar in the urine was reduced

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    to better reassert hei-self in the battle for life. Fluid extract of ergot

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    not only just at the neck, but complete exposure and mani-

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    For girls who are reared on the farm, the usual duties

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    Source: Figures for total beds, normal beds reported, and beds occupied, as of the last full week of each month, shown in Bed Status

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    of the country employ chloroform almost solely, and we have

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    cerned as though they were typhoid fever, one would less

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    nutrition. There is little doubt that its value in these diseases

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    diac conduction abnormalities. In healthy volunteers,

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    "Medical Special Colleges" and prescribes in detail the subjects

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    lasted four and one-half hours, and awakened feeling


    overlooked, by perhaps a sudden uraemic explosion, or by an acute exacer-

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    ' rroiw. of Ihe CotUge of Phyneiana, w>l. sniv, Tht Ltmeet, January- 10. I

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