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_ Dr. Barnes removed the polypus, passing the noose of a wire
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tirely forgot their infirmity, and found themselves cured
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dition of the penis, sometimes associated with debiKtating
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ounce of the solution three times a day; give for a week, with-
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requiring him to be assisted so as to stand up, which
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converted them into a cement, by the attraction of carbonic acid from
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which have been placed on record, are of a nature which this case brings
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it has got a white crust, is loathsome to look at, and does not dis-
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would bring the figure to about 20 and would then agree with the findings of
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of both mother and foetus being discharged through this channel ; and
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was distinctly stated that information would be gladly received
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would seeih to hold kinship rather to other diseases in
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weaker ones, and carefully watched. At times, especially
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is open to the competition of American as well as other
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creating these amblyopias than either the alcohol or tobacco
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crypts of the tonsil, but does not long remain limited to the tonsils
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but the hands and feet were characteristically affected ; and these are the
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ren, died. Four officers, 189 non-commissioned offi-
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before it pierces the wall of the stomach of the mosquito and becomes
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one who may feel disposed to possess the work. Every practitioner,
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searched for muscular tissue, which might have, sphincter-like, excluded sperma-
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another becomes obsolete in consequence of baring been
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pain, accompanied by distressing tenesmus, constitute rectal crises. 1 1 1
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uniform and identical fashion. The subcutaneous and intermuscular cellular

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