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    aroused great interest in a report upon its use in the

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    to write a word of warning about the too free use of cocaine in the

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    but the subsequent results ujjset all calculations previously

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    view, so we perceive there is some truth on one side and

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    operative shock was not marked. I have already pointed

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    Two Cases of Trichophytosis Barba? Cured by the Use

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    that no student can understand them until he is tolerably familiar with the

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    hypoglossal nucleus of one side ; but such a case of crossed hemiplegia is

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    in the prevention of exposure and protec- quarry of mformation awaiting its proper

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    the legs, thighs, face, and upper extremities. It seemed likely

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    three times ought to suffice. I usually, at the same time,

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    and Altona is a large yard known as the Hamburger Platz. It con-

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    examnurtions, he finds unlooked-V traces of inflammaSon of £

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    eighth week of gestation, and a few instances of vaginal Caesarean

    prostate massage and enlarged prostate

    the circulation. In the iodine-poor secretion of a hyperplastic gland the

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    later stage the fibrin is found to be undergoing organisation by the

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    The authors tried a second method of calculation, namely, by

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    • Foot-so-Port lasts designed and the shoe construc-

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    direction. These incisions included everything to the bone. The termina-

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    is fatal, whilst the non-tubercular infections are fairly often curable. If we

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    "Monthly Journal" during 1849-50, has endeavoured to show that

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    Rolandic area, does not diff"er essentially from hemiplegia due to

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    of the iris without protrusion in 2 cases; capsuloiri-

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    ing the term of service of Dr. G. E. de Schweinitz. Enucle-

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    and from the researches of Eg3'ptologists it has become

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    noid spaces, but there was an excess of cerebrospinal fluid. The un-

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