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Written confirmation will be sent along with complete address and directions to the chosen site. Cancellations must be submitted
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> Read before the Section of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children,
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have the— supposedly — healthy individual, the ex-
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in dry air and deliquescent in moist air; soluble in 0.54 part water.
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Notwithstanding these wounds, the patient recovered rapidly, and
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water, the quantity of phosphoric acid gas escaping
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this time the patient was absolutely pulseless at the wrist.
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seems to be similar to that of antipyrin. ~No hemoglo-
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strate the nervous origin of the cutaneous affections. The memoirs
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pulse, »'>d respiration for the first twelve hours :
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especially in the blood, in the form of germs capable of devel-
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ble of causing vaso-constrictor paralysis, i. e., vaso-dilation,
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the red corpuscles are often crenated and shrivelled when the case has
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able. "Water (iced or otherwise) was given to all -without limit, and also
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That this is the true nature of the disease would further appear
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already described, which often extend over several segments
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Japan the same value is placed upon human excrement as in
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phenolphthalein (Na 2 HPO 4 ) is, of course, not included in the acidity. Besides
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compared with the fever and the volume is fair, the outlook is relatively
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+ Effects of Excess in Diet, " Physiology and Hygiene," p. 402, Huxley.
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