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ized by a " frozen pelvis," a marked cachexia or distant metastases.

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of the Board of Examiners shoiUd be a member of the Society

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On Thursday 1 introduced six pieces of sea-tangle, of No. 6 size, and on

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Maudsley, he desires to set the world "violently right," and under men-

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report to medical officer In command for temporary duty. March

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ative conditions of the rectum, and in painful inflammatory affections

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cholera; at any rate, it would be interesting to ascertain

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for some tinio after an operation, and, after hours of treatment,

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The role of case manager* has been a relatively new

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the cause of mysterious pyrexia, and too often of sudden toxic symptoms

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The candid confession of Dr. Richard Mees, of London, member of the

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He attaches to the testicular extract a remedial value greater

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Anatomically, there was neither simple cerebral hemorrhage nor

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was somewhat flushed ; he died on the 5th day. Such cases were fre-

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sented a blanched patch, in the centre of which was an

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volume some statistical tables on the final results of cataract opera-

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outer laver of the protoplasm, or it maybe differ entiated mtotmee

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rotomy proceeds. I also think that by disseminating some

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to be repeated after six hours ; and in four cases a third dose

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by the pancreas ; hence the pancreas does not elaborate

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kind are turbid, unless they are also free from calcium (Folin).

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Deutschlander' points to v. Recklingshausen's description of

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part of the men. They are due rather to the fact that we have sud-

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the light and air is of great importance, and to this end masks for

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Assembly. — Twenty-two Medical men, who are Deputies,

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of our ignorance of the duration of the life of typhoid-

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in the style of its celebration, and honored by the character of the personages

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little subnitrate of bismuth and a little powdered pep-

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1883, and to report by letter to the Commanding Gen-

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until it has performed the whole of the office des-

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pumped before the outbreak of the fever " into the large cesspool, the

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There is no member of the medical profession so popular as Dr. \V. G.

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patch, either by the use of direct heat applied to a large cop-

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livery. The midwife reported that the shoulder presented, and that

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