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 Progenis Review

the mouth of the cell. These projections of the mucous membrane are, so far

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leaves a deep pit. This heals as an ulcer, and leaves a small, firm

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a circiUar cord is formed^ whieh^ by opposing the ready return of tlie fluids,

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strangulation existed it was better to put off the operation if one could,

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were anaesthesia of the left fifth, and almost complete analgesia of the

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mal condition. A slight induration remained at the head of the

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marvels, when bereft of the illusion cast upon them

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of four inches out of the shaft of the humerus, in which case

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a trait of his character. The loss of his sound judgment and growing

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felt. She had had no pains up till now, except now and then very

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the spleen is intended for. Thus it is found that the

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medical colleges in the United States, seeming to hold

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More rarely, the haemorrhage stops after some hours ; but may

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involve the larger part of the skin. In such cases the diseased may be

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with the grip, the patient was seen by another surgeon. After I had

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cases of sore throat. The reorganization of the disinfection

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len. Brown, and Rush, stand pre-eminent, as medical theorists, amongst

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frolic, for Thompson — it must be spelled with a " p" — had

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gynascology should have a nurse, if only for his own protection.

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proceedings of the Council as any man here ; and while I am sorry this building has been

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argues that the nephritis may be toxic or Case IV. — Male; P. M. J.; age 54. Com-

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the mesenteric glands) ; and in 6 in either one or the other cavity. In

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frequently open spontaneously, or they may be opened by

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reaction and inflammation ; and thirdly — the clu'onic stage. Autho-

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Increased vascular action, and this you should always bear in mind,

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be carefully disinfected, and then covered with a piece

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cared for by a physician of Noblesville. I was asked

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pressing the greatest admh-ation for the conduct of

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side-lights that flash in with this idea illuminate the subject on

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nish the liability to this disease; on the contrary, its victims are to be found

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