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 Proextender X4

wound the corrosive sublimate solution is appropriate. Dissolve one

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injurious to the chimpanzee, and does not result in manifestations of

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150 cases a year, but the death rate has been usually satisfactory.

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subjected to various processes designed to remove from it

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normal rate w^as found restored after a rest of five minutes. The

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their /atioin-a!;;e opinion of their own preparation, by giving pub-

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the publication, subscription or advertising department of the

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50 grammes of protein and less than 2,000 calories of total energy.

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Dean and Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery in the College of

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times one injection, or even two injections on two successive days, may

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empty ,the upper half and stomach dilated with food and gas^ mucosa

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Many tubules will appear normal. In others, however, the atrophy is

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here propounded to be what Mr. Swiveller would call " unmiti-

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Both efficiency and equity should be considered in allocating health care

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nephritis. They are usually enlarged. Epithelium with fatty degenera-

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‘Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

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eum covering the iliac vessels. The peri- justifiable when one considers that after the

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nephritis. They are usually enlarged. Epithelium with fatty degenera-

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only passed occasionally in small hard lumps, invested in mncns ; indeed,

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undei'stood there were no dissociation changes in sensation. Still, cases of

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This, however, was not always the case, as he sometimes indicated the

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pitch ointment. I have satisfied myself by careful trials that it is the

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At some of the springs they have mud baths, in which a patient can

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others is headache. This is usually very intense and worse at night. In

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the foreign protein is easily and effectively disposed of. This is

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or simple acute mania ; more commonly, however, we meet with mental

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Cardiac Hypertrophy and Cardiac Dropsy. — The same

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