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cate that this tumor belongs to the class cysto-sarcoma

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leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. The next session

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of the Nile in particular, have been problems which have

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(Jamieson). They range in size from a pin's head to a lentil, and in

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A muscle in health has friction-sounds, which may be heard

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this is due to the fact that the right forefinger, with little difficulty, can

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tion. M. Egger * was the first to demonstrate the feasibility of testing the sensibil-

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three following important books : Osier's " Practice of Medi-

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(10) plate and china, (11) spices and dried fruits, and

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be distinguished only with much difficulty, and was the seat of a fairly

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she might have conti'acted some disease from her husband, but

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Not infrequently the coatings are thrown olf once or repeatedly, tod Ik

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Its specific action is by and through its absorption iiito

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tous, and myomatous tumors; in all tumors of intraligamentous or

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upon the liberation of formaldehyde, which is set free in the blood, and

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healthy animal, and sicken it, and prostrate it ; it is a

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All solid dosage forms of potassium chloride supplements are contraindicated in any patient in

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be introduced into the body to render the blood thoroughly

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site half of the body just as if the morbid influence originated in the cerebral hemisphere. It

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In onychogryposis the nail must be softened in hot water, to which

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conditions the remedy is enhanced in value when combined with a

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lessen the risks to which he is otherwise exposed. The

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obstruction higher up in the rectum. These fistulie, anal and

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fibres called into play unquestionably exceeds that of excited

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Remarks on 107 cases of typhoid fever. Alabama M. & S.

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tics, the cold compresses over eyes and brow, etc., which

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jirisoner's family. It gives better opjjortunity for re-

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effect of this will be admirable ; if the patient be delir-

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strong resemblance to the "hyaline" substance. But whether this appearance

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mately j',y grain each of dried parathyroid gland were commenced and

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sanitation. Under the careful and rigorous system of quaran-

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PoUo means white — the inflammation of the white portion of the spinal

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Writing, Toxicology, etc.), by Torald SoUman, M.D., Assist-

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The New York Medical College held its Eleventh Annual Commence-

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