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     Historia Observatorio Calan

    1. ^mertl Ifistn«:t1ws. A veterinary specialist (fresh frwit mi vegetable Inspector)

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    U»S. Standards 'fo r Shrimp. These grades are derivea from a nu&eriddi t:otal

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    words correctly, while they have wholly forgotten the end of the sentence,

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    most affected by the original injury. Among the symptoms of motor irrita-

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    ated. Still more frequently, a combined paralysis of two portions of the

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    still living plante. For 1nspect1<st purposes,, cmlder a plimt disease te be any upset

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    methods for the cure of spina bifida ; they can be found in full in the text-books

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    die des tics" (vide supra, page 603), but the greater part doubtless are

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    1, TYPE - refers to state of refrigeration and duration of storage in the vendor's

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    to students under diverse circumstances, of which these are the prin-

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    the injury (fall on the back, etc.) may also extend immediately to the spinal

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    Surgery, Ophthalmic Surgery, and Practice of Medicine. Second yea/r*8

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    cuatae interna?, or sensory decussation in the lemniscus, Fig. 114). and in

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    charge; or (b) shall be descendants by blood of anyone in service in the Army or Navy

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    General Symptomatology of Paralyses. — "We can recognize the existence of

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    may be done by suitable restraint and careful training to regulate the con-

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    Cbemistry, are expected to devote tbemselyes during tbeir tbird course

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    the importance of a " tendency " to obesity should not be overrated. Upon

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