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 Phgh Before And After

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/ lv <>/^-«X^3 A^^n^Ar" , &r /k^^^uj Jo^uu^ ty^^e^s^ *__>

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head, and on what I consider to be very insufficient grounds. On this

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necessary to adopt the suggestion of a daily contemporary, and label each box of

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symptoms and treatments of the different forms of goiter.

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fracture of the bones) at the point of the skull directly opposite to that which

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it healthy and free from disease, but they neutralize the excess

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portant, if it were possible, to make out more accuratelv


Treatment. — ^Electricity is useful, not only as a guide to prognosis, but


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chain of indurated glands extending into ^ clerical, or medical, flourish in all large

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of lard and turpentine. Over this should be placed a

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number to fill the space recurring on the shaft, between the

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land. He said, among other thing^s, there was another name

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ing, avoiding at all times unneceasary skin exposure.

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of neurasthenia. There is now a problem to be solved in

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further — a retention of a few cells in the folds of the

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vation after two months cured. Remained improved several months.

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that there is a difference in the character of the pain ;

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which was such that our legs shrivelled up and became covered

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mium, sulphate of cinchonia, valerianate of quinia, and valerianate of

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The flesh which constitutes the food of carnivora, and the albumen which

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matory action is greater or less intense, of a serous or yellowish

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As to the use of ergot in all cases, I never use it in any case of labor

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Iicers were elected as follows: President, J. W. Bailey,

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The small ganglion cells were irregular in distribution and

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