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to weigh against the positive results which are now on record. We

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interest to sociologists, and one receiving of late much attention

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region, and irritable stomach. No chills were manifest through-

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head, trunk, and limbs, which are either agitated by constant fine tremors

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gina. During the delivery of the lower extremities, a quan-

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Further, there is this to consider: that a glass drain put down in

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of leprosy in northern Europe accord with those peculiar

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Feb., 188',)) reports two cases in which the external organs of genera-

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of ruptured uterus, but of ruptured vagina. After the accident,

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a lever in which the power acts at least advantage. He therefore places

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a muscle is contracted involuntarily by the application of

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N. Y., 1889, xxxvi, 10-12.— Zellcr (A.) Zur Behandlung

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combination with calomel. Dr. C. also employed the digitalis in infu-

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The treatment of scarlatinal angina differs according as the disease is

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by a certain clique in Medicine. They claim to be reformers in

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of our distinguished associate, for to him more than

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that rotheln is caused by a different germ (for they do

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(adhiite si/phjlo-.itrumeuse). ' Strumous adenitis calls for a general anti-

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that Dench's sign, that is, " a localized tumefaction of the postero-supe-

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hereditary causes as inducing imperfect dental devel-

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definitely proved to be the cause of the disease, is not isolated

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61. Seelig, A. : L^eber die Resorptionsfahigkeit der gesunden Harnblase, Centralbl.

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four ounces of glycerine, will often lead to the desired

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tion, as well as general atrophy or shrinking, with more or less atrophy

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congenital anterior displacement of the hip. He said

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twice a day for ten days. Pulse and temperature are

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ago one of the forms of amusement for the boys at this institu-

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These manifestations of the gonorrhoeal infection differ so notably from

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and that a second attack took place in two cases, one after three months

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tions were made of the human and equine trypanosomes in experi-

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cornea on the pupillary side of the lesion ; it is found

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