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cated for the practising physician, but in a clinical laboratory, after the necessary
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Portable Compressed-Air Atomizer. — By George F. Cott.
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of these co-ops can be obtained by contacting the author.
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leave hardly any room for doubt concerning the diagnosis after the ^
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The solution of anytin is spoken of as anytol. It has been
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suppository consisting of gr. iiss, p. opii, in ol. theobrom. 5j- This gave
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An automatic 300 sample capacity well counter (Packard Instrument Company,
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that they cannot correctly be considered as indexes of the same metabolic
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late Dr. James D. Hagood, whom he watched legislate
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The patient from whom these gall-stones were removed was a man
M.D., St. And. ; Engineering and Architecture, presided over
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flame. When dry the films are fixed with absolute alcohol,
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UVRMC:Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, 1034 N Fifth West, Provo
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and he died. On examining the body, the liver was found to be simply
pert," N. T. McTeague ; "The Care and Commitment of the Insane," Chas.
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many cases of chronic insanity dating from sunstroke.
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1 See remarks on the subject of amulets, etc., on pages 197, 198.
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also distinct limits to laboratory and clinical work and reci-
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niiller (A.) Die pfimaueute Extension iiiittelst aiige-
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acid per 100 grams of meat) it may facilitate diuresis. 1
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many cases of chronic insanity dating from sunstroke.

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