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other hand, radiographic observations in these cases commonly
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nition, and nothing can be said of their clinical history.
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about the delay ; she was, however, easily reassured-
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reciprocal values of those titers drawn from the cases, the
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gery can not be advised. Rest of the joint is of the first
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are closely connected with changes in the central or i)eripheral ner-
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raising the temperature of the water ; a quantity ten times the
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let him refer to his records of cases cured, without due
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applies, and who may be too busy to be troubled by visitors.
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Belladonna is required in some cases, particularly if there be great
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transmits impressions to the various members of the body.
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weapon was a thirty-eight-caliber Colt's, long barrel. The pa-
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general principles previously referred to. During the acute febrile
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wholly incapable of self-cont i ol does this step appear to be ataU
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palmetto plexus
present in the muscle lesions with polymorphonuclear
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system and meninges of sufficient severity to produce changes in the
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the o^er powder, also of fifteen grains of acetanilid,
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or resonant on percussion ; often, but not always, tender on pressure.
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Constantinople. A letter received from that city re-
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the observations of others : the disease as manifested in York-
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from the surface of the underlying hemorrhoidal area,
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was disengaged. It was, probablj, retained hy its strong
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This gradually diminished until it disappeared at the
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plains of great languor and depression. Diuretics to be continued; << blister to the
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about one-half are more or less permanently benefited. But many
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be unsafe to apply the ligature in that situation; and the dis-
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friendly with Madam Oliphant, fearing ally applied to her about the house by
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tion of fecal matter, avoidance of causes mducing mental excitement, and
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compared with opposite leg, had 75% to 80% of normal function.
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sioners in Lunacy for England took a different view, and as the
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require tonics. We should begin with a vegetable salt of iron in combination

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