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    interests, legislation, and many, many more. CMS has succeeded this past

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    the cases of kerosene drinking already mentioned the

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    E: Effect of Diet Deficient In Part of Vitamin B Complex on Men

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    on going to the hills ; on coming back to the plains the pruritus

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    modified Keyes. The suggestion seemed a good one to me,

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    sarcoma in a female of 34. The writer dwelt particularly on

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    rent (H.) Expose theoriquo du proceiie d'oiitom6trio

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    drops of laudable pus were found. The cavity was packed with


    smaller wages, and they are, as a general rule, distinctly lower in the

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    acute symptoms or special complications. The dose consisted, according to

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    pigment is carried from the vessels by leukocytes and deposited in

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    Bell, OUivier, Ore, and others). This distinguished physiolo-

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    globin. — According to the Medical Press and Circular, Dr. C. Reihl has

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    Then there is the question of assessing a man's pension. This

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    assemblage to the vulgar question of appetite ; an assem-

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    woman was reduced in a short period, and the intense

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