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at first, a bubbling or mucous rale is heard ; after the blood coagu-

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sure remedies to act in preserving the cornea from opacity or

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the thorax in the way that one usually puts on a plaid. The

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ceiving additional iron in the form of inorganic iron, are not able to form

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surface of the tumor was adherent to the parietal layer

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tliough .sclerosis of the posterior columns existed.

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recommend medical treatment of the impotence and to effect a

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that patulous state of the ileo-cecal aperture, which is its necessary

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the general practitioner to adopt inappropriate measures of treatment

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increased in size, many of them being considerably larger than normal. Many,

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eight hours after occurrence of severe symptoms. Mucosa was gangrenous.

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possibility of conveying constitutional taints along with vaccinia was

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Edinburgh, that no chloroform is to be used in the theatre without

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in 1 718, and had seven German, three Latin editions,

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In 1859 Parrot" made an exhaustive study of the question; his

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(3) such provider files a request for a hearing within 180 days after

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it has been pointed out that anthrax is far from un-

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incompetency brought against our military surgeons has been based, in part,

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Department from Havana, it is reported that General

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ation, and, possibly, irregular gait. (5) History of previous childbirth or mis-

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I^ractice, and it may be that the table includes cases delivered in lying-in


note upon the researches of Dr. Norris, by Mrs. Ernest Hart. On re-

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Case III. — William I^d wards, aged 40, admitted into the

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distinguishing fingers at twelve feet. A warm boric-acid

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them. It is now my firm conviction that stimulants should

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liable to propensities which do not make for their ad-

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motor system in cases where the drug is introduced into the stomach, or

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report no cures, I claim that the operation is so serviceable in

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Baltimore, November, 1919, xxx, No. 345, p. 317), bacillus coli and

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and the great vascularity of its coverings. In reply to Mr. Malcolm,

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