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    pearly in aspect and thickened. Skin of forehead has a

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    If the urine be ammoniacal, the appearance of the reaction may be interfered with.

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    on pressure. It comes out in successive crops over several days.

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    comparative safety toward the end of the first stage and in the

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    in many muscles of the back, with no regular arrangement, like the ramifica-

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    The doctors are naturally negligent in that respect. Keports of vital

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    feet high, containing in all 140 patients ; one of 20

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    This is readily recognized by projecting the head on the body as already

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    wire - netting (wire-seive material), which are especially suited for

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    paratyphoid appendicitis. I would make the same remark regarding Millard's very

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    In 1898 Pellagrin 1223, a white man, aged 54, suffered his initial

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    also, acute general tuberculosis might be, and often is, con-

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    had almost disappeared. Pulse 114, temperature 101°,

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    knock-kneed; muscles wasted, including the gluteal, which are not

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    unite syringomyelia and Morvan's disease under one heading. He holds

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    put me out of the house. I did not flinch but looked

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    a reflex nature, a kind of neurosis, whereof we are unable to deter-

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    air in the air-cells being in action. 2c?, If this process — aeration —

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    Psychopathic Wards of Bellevue Hospital are about 3,000. Of those

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    it, and rendering the soil unfit for its growth. There is no pos-

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    mortality require constant investigation, by carefully observing,

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    afforded the men the means of indulging their propensities for drink to aa extent

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    among the medical students; on the other hand, the George-

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    the dense cellulose walls of the " gluten-cells," their contents

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    of the affection, the various phases of which have just been described ? At

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    be glad, because the time is past for her to become the mother of any

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    Halsey, Benj. F., Eoper, Vanderbilt Univ., 1893 1894 1894

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    The result was that, of the first twenty flasks, filled and

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    and the anterior capsule of the lens; and this, in fact, is the ground which

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    For Ave know that these low forms of organization are es-

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    destroyed the life of an adult in the small dose of two grains. It is rapidly ab-

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    iter an exposure of one-half hour to 63° C. On the other hand

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    Aerztl. lut. Bl., Miinchen, 1885, xxxii, U28.— Faiio. L'a-

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    then, interruption of the blood-current through the emulgent

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    seen in primary care practice patterns. No doubt all

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    • In the middle of the premier lakes of Minnesota

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    Delegates shall be required for the introduction of any late resolutions,

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    It is just a year since Charles F. Lummis, the well-known explorer and writer,

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    suffered very considerably, more especially with the lesions on

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    Tid., K^ebenh., 1895, 4. R., iii, 893. — Keyes (E. L. ) A

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    Doctors," importing to have been contested at Baltimore, on Lyceum

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    Examination revealed enlargement of both tonsils, and the naso-

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    justified in those cases where the child gives a likely and intelligent

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    4th to the 7th of September her temperature ranged from 105

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    County, 111., and Daviess County, Ind. They appear each year

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    rope, which keeps it perfectly free, and the tar is a very excellent antiseptic,

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    2. Wtiston, P. H., . . 5249 7. Mawhinnev, R. J. W., . 4SI0

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    number of beef cattle annually slaughtered in New York was given as three

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    hinges must be perfectly placed to achieve the desired pur-

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