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its results, namely, alveolar abscess, belongs to the domain of surgery.

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It is to be noted that the piasmodia tend to occur in the blood in crops

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the posterior wall of the abdomen. If the condition be allowed to advance,

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patient beforehand — the regular post-operative nourishment of

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acid, etc. None of these, however, approach quinine in efficacy. "What is

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stration of quinine. For ordinary cases I make it a practice to give

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exerted by digitalis upon patients suffering from heart disease are

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female, which we fuppofe to be the progenitors of the fpecies,

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wife taking care that this plaifter do not quite fur-

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tonsils are always under suspicion and should be removed and examined

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membrane is frequently lined with a layer of fibrinous lymph, which may

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always atrophied ; and we have one in the museum at Guy's Hospital

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deren'i and therefore it may be ufed here with great

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microscope, therefore, should always be used to settle this point — so

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under the outer border of the right rectus muscle. Sometimes it can be

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of soft consistence and easily made to bleed. The disease may by ex-

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ening of the scrotum, the surface of which is studded with dilated

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bodies, that the digeftion is much vitiated, no folid

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practice. The showing of unusual cases, which are only of

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is passed in small amount, is not infrequently neutral or alkaline, and

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have been irregular, for under apparently similar conditions, differing

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raising of the level of the ground water through systems of artificial

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(4) In the mild forms occasionally there are no indications of the disease,

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the raw pancreas the absorption of both protein and fat has been very

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Morbid anatomy. — The size of the liver varies, but it is nearly

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would be wasting and the reaction of degeneration present. In some cases the

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" tlie frequent ufe of gentle purges in the beginning,

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though he has the hardeft tafk in the King's coach,

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in syncope ; it occasionally proves fatal. In the latter, in addition to the

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there can be little doubt that these changes have been the cause of the

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This includes patients who before pregnancy had, unknown to them-

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were no physical signs in the abdomen. The patient died from exhaustion

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epidemic conditions. The nature of these predisposing and epidemic con-

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found highly beneficial. In brain fag, exhaustion from over study, worry,

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there is neither the nystagmus nor the exaggerated reflexes noticed in

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