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    power of interfering. Whetherwearerightindoing thatis one
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    side, when they are pricked with a pointed instrument. No injury of scalp or cra-
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    mature women anything, though they have plans for making
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    work, sudden movements of the head, turning in bed,
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    Nissl's method was not available, since the whole cord had
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    Dr. Dubois quotes Quincke, that slowing of the pulse upon pressure on the
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    Thayer, Lectures on the Malarial Fevers. London, 1898. and Hewetson, The
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    itfh an effect could be produced by this or any irritant. 6. In perforation
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    which abnormally collect in serous cavities after oozing
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    what records could be obtained were that forceps were
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    fellow-man as ingratitude, and if we are to take Dr. Jacobi's words for
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    Coast, and more especially from physicians of Southern California and Arisona.
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    right buttock through the ischiatic notch, March 18,
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    seems to me that the final condition of a large proportion
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    the age, and it becomes a puzzling question how to re-
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    great will be presented to the source of radiating heat; the
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    becomes great. The injection of defibrinated blood may be employed
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    (about four cents) a head, including towels ; a higher-
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    record, there remain 145 cases for consideration in respect to recur-
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    the fevers of this climate from the bowels than from any other
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    cystitis, while Rovsing found the colon bacillus 19 times in pure culture,
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    of cardiac dulness. I can hardly imagine any one spending, not
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    caseinogen, that is, casein in combination with calcium phosphate. The
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    ture attained is ver^' unuaual ; it is not at all rare for it to rkI
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    upon the mucous membAme of the stomach, or may improve the appe-
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    such theory, however probable and plausible it ma? i
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