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    pared for an operative procedure, including how much

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    every six to eight hours until bowels respond. Use the tonic as for

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    thick, which, in different positions, appears greenish or reddish, and at the larger

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    a rather constant rate of blood flow through the hand for any given individual.

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    iring upon the etiology of yellow fever has just been

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    Control Scale for the Correct Choice of Tube and Time of

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    explain how the rotation occurs, the lower end being taken to represent

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    coirT warconfirmed, and the ova were found m other organs

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    two ends are placed eccentrically and the pressure on the ends acting, the

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    of the syringe which came in contact with the bleeding edges of the wound in the duodenum.

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    to a displaced stomach, and there is undoubtedly good

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    C. L., aged 18, was admitted into Guy's on December 6,

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    Fine opportunities have been offered of late, for pursuing this important

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    caused by the abuse of ardent spirits, i. e., 8 per cent. In the

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    On the diagnostic value of tbe loss of the- pui)illary light-

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    uterine myoma should not imply removal of the ovaries,

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    blood in the vessels, and to the spreading out of the capillary vessels over

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    infection of the lymphoid follicles of the stomach-wall.

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    used in those first series. So at least 90% of patients with

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    it seemed best to inquire, first, whether by using the

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    choice of a succes.sor to Dr. John M. Moriarty as Port Physician.

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    decided on publishing the whole course with considerable

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    serum. This mixture is incubated at 37°C. for 40 minutes with thor-

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