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of heat. In order to estimate the mineral and conjugate sulphates,

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effects of bismuth was its power to coagulate mucus.

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city which was then qtiite a hotlied of fever, and I went there

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of sensibility, but there was a decrease of temperature

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of chronic invalidism or fatal disease. The quacks them-

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stration. He expected to see brilliancy in operative methods,


the epigastric region covered by the stomach. The fourth gave a history of

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to person and clothes, I do not believe it will ever be thus pro-

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the oesophagus associated with a pulmonary cavity. The

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it. In this discussion I desire to say that the doctor has a place in the sur-

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microscopic examination, e. g., the streptococci and staphylococci (compare Figs. 284

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tory perfectly good. The patient has always enjoyed ex-

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may continue indefinitely and typhoid bacilli persist for years. In

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Paralysis of the oculo-motorius, or of some of its branches (most character-

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suftering from cellulitis, but he found no evidence thereof. He

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external to the epithelium. When the edge of the intestine is

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by weight one and a half pounds, of distilled water as much as is

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perhaps from the strong friction employed, and partly from the

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logical wants, easily digestible, and sparingly nitrogenous. Elimination of

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static remedies were tried, with little or no beneficial

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G. Jeercoonee is the name of a mountain, which is given off from

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Antipyretics are agents which reduce fever. Examples : quinine,

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absence of the strong — hard pulse. They all, likewise, agree

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(3) A rapid succession of fits, where consciousness is not regained

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{Archives of Ophthalmology and Otology, vol. i. No. 1; New York, 1869.)

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by deficient conservancy ; this is undoubtedly true, and we trust

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tained in the larger cities — is it strange that country schools

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obtained from the open method of treating twenty-five fractures of the

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ve'sse's and has struck root elsewhere, or else it is

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forgets the sensation of health, loses a standard for

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Ergo, the healthy Goorkha is so abnormally constituted, that his body

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the summer months, and several times during the year for a few

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nitre 3 dr., squill 1 dr., opium 20 gr., gruel 1 pint.

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