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    authorities should invariably— z.x\d the private phy-
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    ence of a stricture for a couple of years. Was first seen by me in
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    would have rigors, as he had previously been attacked with them, and he there-
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    gray and red, gray, grayish yellow, or puriform (Delafield and
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    by a " grippal toxine " of different centres of nervous
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    Medical Axioms, Aphorisms and Clinical Memoranda. By
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    the Society, or if the State Society has issued licenses to practice?
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    tuberculous area) is so strong that the greatest cau-
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    Let them operate on rats, foxes, owls, sharks, vipers,
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    a chemical analysis of the stomach and intestines. A penalty of five pounds
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    autoplastic or homoplastic grafts miist be used. The occur-
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    Certain general principles, in the first place, guide one in the decision as
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    First, sudden onset of pain. This may occur in the region of
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    absorbed quite as well as similar oils given to starving animals.
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    Fifteenth Division has sentenced Sergeant Schott to a year in
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    in solution and to the action of which he attributes all the benefit derived,
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    396. Fried Eggs (l)— Ingredients— Butter, eggs, pepper, salt.
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    been reported by many observers. These descriptions,
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    of us, accustomed to this practice, believe the traditional
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    vessels, and 53 were of the vertebro-basilar arteries. Taking indi-
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    effects. 2. If the former, can these effects be made to ex-
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    privileges and position of gentlemen. A stranger would have
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    iron; and the whites, by carbonate of lead, oxide, or carbonate
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    Symptoms. — ^There is a great pain in the foot on attempts to walk
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    38.— Pclrr.s (G. A.) Excision of carpal bones. Med.
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    fwith the fluid. The dog was immediately convulsed violently, fell
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    ingly satisfactory. Dr. Randaud tells us that there have been
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    Oct 13 Geriatric Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Sioux Valley Hospital Meeting Room A; Info: Gwen Jensen RN - 333-1000.
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    H. Bronson, M.D. First published in the Christian Quarterly-
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    pancreas and lymph-glands and lymph, but also in the
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    the importance of disinfection or renovation after a case of phthisis is in
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    Master E. R. White, age 9 years ; residence, city. Family and past history
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    a companion of and is similar to that described in the paper presented by the
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