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Case CCCLX. Mt. 40. Sixth pregnancy; all her previous labours

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watei-, and made recommendations which form an admirable

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clusively to operative surgery, and so will probably support his position.

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issuing diplomas. The history of this case had dis-

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the larynx, the expiratory dyspnoea is usually greater than inspiratory.

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more reserved, and broods over his, and gives his whole thoughts

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or even delusions. It is only when the aberrations become violent, tending toward the psycho-

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Miller, T. W , Surgeon — Granted leave of absence

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base of one, usually the right, lung, which slowly increases upward

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of the paper just read, because I think every gentleman who has beard it

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point is best discovered by approaching Jaeger's small test-types (described

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that deformity of the rectal valve and hypertrophy of

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cases the temperature reaches a higher point at noon

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nization and Management. In this chapter he touches upon

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should be left partly open, so that wound secretion, bits of

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arises from the fact that weeks and months often intervene

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each dilution placed in a small serum tube. Two c.c. of fresh

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d, fat ; e, tul>ercle tissue : t> blood vessel.

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of the community that they should be deprived of the

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a remarkable symptomatology, and as regards treatment, divided

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of mixed infection. There is a bacillus decay and a micro-

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In the basement, there is a l /(, H. P. motor attached with a

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hastening suppuration and pointing, but in a few hours the pa-

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rent (H.) Expose theoriquo du proceiie d'oiitom6trio

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