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     Menevit Boots

    call it, "croupous") in the character of its exudation, adhesive and contractile in

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    which a large osseous cyst has been developed in this manner, at the

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    T. H. Phillips, of Canton, aged 63 years, died August 30. He

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    occurs, especially if it extends into the fornix, it should be

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    of the College, which will commence on Saturday, the

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    ulcerative forms, and the dyspeptic type of extrapyloric cancer.

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    the erroneous notion which seems to be inferred here, viz.,

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    The author has witnessed the most astonishing effects

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    headache, pains in the muscles of the neck, in the spine, in the sides, and in

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    With reference to the distinction between pneumococci and streptococci see p.

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    (ftefMl before Ontario Medical Association, London, June, 1885).

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    chologist. The other aspect, that which concerns us as

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    barrel of wine as M. Bouchut gave to one patient, for even

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    Dr. Knapp was giving potassium iodide, which I also advised. A few days

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    failure of vision. The occurrence of this failure is usually gradual, but

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    little sweat during- the night. 16th, dose increased to seven grains, which

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    possible to improve, the natural advantages of the district.

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    made to pass through a chamber containing ether, we are enabled

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    Derivation. — Obtained from soft coal by dry distillation.

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    many cases, are added gastric irritability and epigastric pain and tender-

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    ter; and it is just what we would expect, for the veins,

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    clean and airy, and they themselves appeared orderly and attentive.

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    we Lad unavoidably glanced rather ownpu;jils — thus becoming at once con-

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    given one lot, all the Indiana pigs were on a mixed ration; whereas

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    It was thought that there was a walled off focus in the meninges

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    acteristics of a true ' vaccinia,' or, more properly

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    sites, and there are often tender points behind near the vertebrae. It

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    seems to me to be safe; and while I have a good deal of faith in

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    remedy administered aggravates the disease. IVor can human skill, in so

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    tions of the amorphous precipitates of all the urates are to be made in

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