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use to the Dermatologist, as well as the general practitioner, and an

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GE0RG7. Bi-SK, President of the Royal College of Surgeons.

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spinal marrow, as not entirely to overcome the nervous energy,

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sterile after 30 days at from 35-37 C. In preparing emulsions from the fil-

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sore throat. Examination showed a thin, whitish membrane, the size of

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green fields," and the " fumbling of the bed-clothes," all indicative

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every patient who expectorates should have a pocket cup, are far more

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fourth day of June, 1904. Three teachers were employed this year.

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which modern science affords for the treatment of this terrible

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properties, when such bacteria are once more grown under ordinary

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The first body obtained from this source was dissected in

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to be propter hoc. Charcoal has proved a most efficient agent

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sent into Marine Hospital with fever, and recovered.

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sure remedies to act in preserving the cornea from opacity or

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towards the parts situated beneath the aneiu-ismatic

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beef tea or bouillon, or the so-called beef extracts, as a diet.

delayed, except in those wounds in which adult elastic

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sues to which it is attached and subservient, enjoying the

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The total absence of complaint, the unfailing court-

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not be a direct factor in the production of dysmenor-

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QuERr'lSch. — Is Cancer i under any ctrcumjlancfs, fvfceptible of a

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early morning; the first sounds, the shrieks of the

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large myoma by the vagina by morcellement proving too

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Tvhtn the question is properly presented to an upper court the

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pays little heed to the air of a well-kept operating room. Instead

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