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 Maxidus Singapore

being increased, is changed from a salutary action, a healtliy effort of
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interesting, therefore, to note the occurrence of rupture
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do not necessarily reflect the policies of the SMS. Authorship of editorials is
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by Ix)ui8. In the same year, James Jackson, Jr., of Boston, published
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great painters' conceptions of such phenomena, is placed a
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tract were Hometimes of service in giving variety. It was some-
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intestines, the liver slightly enlarged, the spleen and nervous system
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servation of life, as proved by comparative anatomy, as
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with smallpox vaccine, rabies vaccine, and antisera of var-
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pledget of wool. I find that Constantin Paul refers
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Ptrong circulation. Concluding there must have been some sudden hemorrhage,
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after exposure, the attack is more severe than when several days elapse. ,
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is "struck" and the fatal wound occurs at the place where the midriff
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promising treatment is by persistent pressure, by electric current
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although repeatedly questioned as to his previous history,
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F racture nonunion is a relatively common problem faced
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the round hole. But their elders can enlighten them
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In the spring of 1851, soon after my attention was called to the Hy-
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current acute febrile affection, this often determines the onset of uraemia.
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with the violence of his efforts to get air, sinks into a profound sleep,
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della febbre tifoidea. Rifomia med., Napoli, 1892, viii j)t
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The epileptic may manifest no other symptoms beyond the
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Moderate perspiration occurs shortly after tlie fever begins, in a considerable
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what part is first affected? does the increased action of the
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and mediastinal glands were mainly affected, and caseous broncho-
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1000 X 10 = 10,000 the number in 1 of non-diluted blood.
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larvse, and even the wearing of boots, shoes, or other protec-
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which narrowed the umbilical depression and the in-
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only once on an average in the professional life of
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Prize in Pathology ; the Simpson Prize in Obstetrics ;
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The most common form, confirmed by all observers and which
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of hydrochloric acid produced by a water-meal of given volume
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ient, its action can be limited, the degree, depth and !
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studied experimentally the effect of injecting infusions of putrid meat
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among all classes and occupations of its people ; but it is more prevalent
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order which deserve a few words of notice. True sparkling
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The alkalinity of the urine is due to two alkalies, the
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sheep in several districts of England, it was a common practice
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tion occurred in 6. It occurs late in the disease or during convalescence,
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regiment dependent thereon. Hence arises most of the discontent,
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E. Woody, and in closing by the authors of the papers.
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he had a chancre three years ago ; family history unim-
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ces of diseased hip joint. It produced considerable relief of

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