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 Maxidus Bogota

Physiological albuminuria has been ascribed to various

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grains^ Salicylic Add tioenty grains. Water one ounce. Mix. For one dose.

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to the maintenance of vital phenomena, or in what manner they

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many eminent men in the profession to-day oppose a class-

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circulation as a complex of tubes with merely physical pro-

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ment. The applications are mainly intravaginal, the active

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ogenesis of tills atrophy is without doubt, Boix believes, analogous

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loop was fully drawn out it became clear that there was

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specting the diagnosis from physical signs ; and the

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fession is a close study of the heart. Since I have been an ex-

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rosemary 3 dr., oil of mint 1 dr., oil of cloves 7 scruples, neroli

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cold or tepid water. Pieces of ice, ice-water, or carbonated water may be

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Fig. 4. — Case VI. Biliary fistula, due to impacted calculus in common duct at

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and vagina is strongly recorarnended in these cases. The

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in the process of nutrition ; 2, that the nervous system

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leg; Hi. I., hind leg; Pr., proboscis; Ar., arista; Fr., frons ; Oc, occiput;

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January 26, 1922. Skin continues clear and feels well. Still has

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"A careful examination of the subject has left no doubt in the mind of the OommtUtf tbat

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Madrid, whose work on neurology has been so extensive

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sense of uneasiness, of inability to apply himself to his work, to

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ing neither deposit, nor mucus held in suspension. Afterwards its lower

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ear to his chest and heard the murmur. Not understand-

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Iodol is also used in powder in ophthalmic practice, and internally

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mon, Louisville, vice-presidents; Dr. Noble P. Bhmes, Wash-

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in the Ctesarean operation, sufficient air may be admitted to give rise to the

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best means of overcoming the deformity, and, that being the

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left lung behind and in front was quite dull, with muco-crepitant and

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Of course, in a valvular insufficiency, only the utilized portion

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The attacks of Gout most frequently occur in the spring of the

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who entered the service prior to the date of the warrant

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On alternate days I was around and in bed. In my case,

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Planer, Ueber das Vorkommen von Pigment im Blute. Zeitschr. der. k. k. Gesellsch.

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The following are direct quotes taken out of context with infrequent

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should be, by. the medical attendant, the profession would

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F. R.C. S., Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology, Original

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contract. With the absorption of the fluid the patient gradually

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II "Leber die Entwicklung der Leberkrebse/* Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol., 1866.

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opens posteriorly into the fauces. The mouth is lined by a mucous

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by a rash, but with milder constitutional symptoms. Johannes-

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order which deserve a few words of notice. True sparkling

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be seen in the right optic nerve (Plate II, fig. 1).

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