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remains completely unconscious or partly recovers. In case of im-
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much time has passed between the suspected meal and the
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rivers, especially if the crews land or are detached on boat service.
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The consensus of opinion among medical men who have wor-
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twelve years ago, where he lived in retirement. Dr. F. P. Drake.
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sary and, in addition to a general education, receive
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fessenr Kojfvnikojf. .Moscow, 1890. — 101. du Torni^ry. Les mcdadies nerv. pendant
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Dropsy is small, under favourable Conditions. — Its Success, when the
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that the cost of sul|)honal has been materially reduced — a fact well cal-
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modern writers, and should certainly encourage the adoption of this
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typhoid fever, and I must say, impartially, that to
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early in August, with symptoms of hydrophobia. The cura-
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themselves to the Committee or may be suggested to them
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half-pay, they are reported by a Medical Board to be
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was in a stooping posture. She was seen by Mr. Gutteridge in about three- J
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treatment was indeed brought under our notice a few years
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Surgeons, of Keokuk, one not in good standing; on April 12th, the college
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as a general rule it is proportional to the severity. Cases in which
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and enough of the hoof, following the sore down, to allow escape
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was supposed to have poisoned her newly-born infant. The coffin was
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taste from constant expectoration of foul sputum. Re-
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vant went into his room and found him lying on a sofa,
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tries to keep to this pressure as closely as possible. For this reason the
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former ones consists in the fact that today we know that we do
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place, it is not easy to see why the woman Claasen, supposing she had
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gether with representative citizens. Appropriate ad-
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three trials, the numbers 35, 35, and 34 respectively upon the scale of the
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Leone, it is 16 times less than that of the white. The latter are 160
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Lastly, there is the constant and uniform result of the treatment,
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monia quotient may signify that nature has control of the abnormal acid production.
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for the chemical evidence, so important in a criminal investigation wi l pro-
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vantage of coming before our readers in his own words, and
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jective sensation is of turning in the sagittal plane, which in this
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be altogether forbidden. But lapse of time seems, as a rule, quickly to

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