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 Use For Manforce

this program is to help the physician provide the best care possible by utilizing treatment

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placed, between which a spark of electricity passes. The

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believed from these remarks that the eruption w^as a simple exudation of

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as Series I, II, and III, of Table I. Series I extended over sixty-six hours;

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- Fourth International Congress of Obstetrics and Gyniecology, Rome, Liicina,

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success that has attended the treatment by antitoxin.

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to cure them ; and to cure them is difficult by opera-

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worm generally dislike fat. Change of air is also beneficial in these

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prise pour un ost6o-sarcome du p6rone. Ann. de chir. et

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whiskey and all medicine were suspended. At A. M. the lips were livid,

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tenonionnes. J. d'ocul. du norl de la France, Lille, 1890-

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and what can further demand and justify copious blood-letting,

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Penetrating Wounds of the Chest. Joseph Ransohoff, Cincinnati,

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THE .^.LBISSIlVrA^ I»AIIVT COl^IPA.lV^i', Limited,

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-ed. It is said by European physicians that we must propor-

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of breathing commences, principally at night, and then begins, at each

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tant consideration, and a summary of the main features

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be accepted in default of any other explanation whatever. A second inter-

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ways, which are seldom entirely understood in an individual case.

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cases may be submitted to one man in the course of a private

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sewerage system to speak of. The other day a cow was killed

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spite of its extreme rarity. The staggering was evidently over-

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have been taken ; when this occurs the dose is reduced to

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same time becoming more regular and expulsive, and during the

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Operation aseptic; otherwise as in Table I. In the dichloramine-T series the

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water, the first thing in the morning, will usually secure free watery move-

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common that its legitimacy is but seldom suspected. It is in this

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Committee will be allowed thirty days, at the expiration of

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incompetency brought against our military surgeons has been based, in part,

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suck ice to relieve the thirst. Dec. 11th. — Bowels were open shortly before the visit ;

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