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Dr. Nicolas, of Paris, has succeeded, as a result of a con-
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craniotabes). This thinning, which may finally let the dura mater
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was in an excessively flustered and fiery the last scrap of knowledge I have ever
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until tender. In Denmark a prompt and efficient blister is made
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I gastric disturbances. All of the author's patients
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Prevention. — No definite or effective system of prevention can be
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ferior portions of the lungs ; sonorous or some form of bronchial rale
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The President declared the following gentlemen to be members of the Society,
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to put his whole answer, diagnosis, and everything else into the language
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bom, professor in Helmstadt, discovered the small glands
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its readers to follow Professor Osier's advice and ride a hobby.
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must necessarily excel in the art of discovering what, in any given
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at the root of the scrotum and carried forward through the' most
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for protection ever fails to be conferred, because the operation is
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fluences must be understood as well as how far they can be controlled
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may be considered almost a specific in .such cases. That such a class
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and September, 1888, sixty-three more, making a total of 235.
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sideration the scheme submittod to them by the Conjoint Col-
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remove a stone. Lithotrity was very easily performed in
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raw sensation, located apparently at the little hollow at the bottom of the
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large injections, in which a considerable number of
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patients, who are impatient of control and confinement ; in
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and transverse strise or scars, which occur in young subjects about the knees
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the arms usually lying above the head. There is extremely severe and
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also that a portion of the womb, which was found to be
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denal indigestion, especially when there was epigastric ten-
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opened. Only intestine of a very dark colour was seen. The
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and direction of the displacement depend first upon the mode of action of the
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known that the habitat of the tetanus bacillus was garden soil He

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