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    from disease of the spinal cord. Such bilateral disease often results from

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    marks by which unwholesome meat may be known, in plain, unprofessional

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    keen to be living an active life as a hen that has hatched a brood. We

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    apoplexy, when not induced by falls, blows, shocks, and over-doses of certain drugs.

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    The largest good resulting from this work has come from the

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    The medical certificate stated that she had been vio-

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    importance in practical medicine. We find that in a vast number of

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    The normal venous pulse may be altered by either one of two conditions: (1)

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    We are glad to hear that the Poor-law Board are preparing,

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    of our knowledge of the spinal cord. ' But the study wsis

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    others is headache. This is usually very intense and worse at night. In

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    inn.M .. nipK'le-K <■>.. i^'d .11 tin- primarv uprrali..n, .iiul ritliri llaNinu ..r

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    quantity can be given. The potassium is poisonous to the economy.

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    ing from migraine, and in rare cases has followed neuralgia of the neck.

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    those cases in which operation was premeditated and those in

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    to a slightly lesser extent in the pseudoglobulin solution, but the

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    effect and the period elapsing before the onset of polyneuritis did not

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    solely among women. It is very painful and gives rise to the development of

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    A second relapse, and a third, a fourth, and even a fifth, are

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    and as a slight brace for the tibia, and a fracture thi-ough it has no

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    forward, instead of going forward, it will go backwards and

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    the feet. It never assumes the branny form of measles. On the face it

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    with all or any of the powers and duties which are by this Act

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    Medical Council will not give their sanction to any j)lan which

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    informing himself fully, on the action of remedies that are reliable, exact, invariable,

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