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to breathe more comfortably and the intense sialorrhea decreased. On the

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is indicated in gunshot wounds of the vertebral bodies.

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haemorrhage. Slight injury, sudden local alterations in blood pressure, capillary

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placed upon his labors by the medical pub lie -"-—.V. Y. Jour, of Med. and the

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aspirating capacity of the thorax, by relaxing and enlarging

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lowering of temperatiu'e by "force TTUijeure," as Liebermeister terms it, is well

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vious report, ten cases of such tumors reported by Lucte were noticed,

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and/or serologic response. A previous chimpanzee similarly

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Of 22 deaths from pneumonia (all forms) there were 15 deaths

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public, contain no inconsiderable number of sufferers

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Venesection is the next remedy to be spoken of. It is much dis-

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pected finding of a piece of iron imbedded in the vitreous

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this quantity may be kept conveniently in the pocket of the


are repeated every two or three days; six injections are

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the woman was put back in bed in the erect posture, notwithstand-

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over a painful pneumonia are in a state of rigid contraction. The

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Such is the writer whose work on " Man " is presented to n.s

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not admit, however, that it did more than, perhaps,

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