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in particular Bertinf and Dr. HopeJ state, that with its assist-


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with raised, uneven, an J hard edges; the rest of the

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the glans, and several glands of the neck became enlarged. To

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English garrison were confined in a narrow dungeon during a hot,

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proved by the fact that horses subject to it are free of it

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far as their lunacy statistics are concerned. At the present time

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pressure, the general bod}' wasting becomes more marked, and

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success and to greatness. Once familiarized and at our command,

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the dining-room. Von Rue and I occupied a table by our-

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pig, which died in less than twenty-four hours. The experiment is, therefore,

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into a long and freely patent canal, the rapidity with which these symptoms

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overflowing boxes may reach the upper layer of the soil,

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The bundles which compose the third kind of posterior roots, enter the cord obliquely. A

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that smallpox is due to a parasitic organism, which

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Inflammatory complications require special treatment or modifications

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with it, just as they now sometimes do with the minor contagious

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Yppearances after Death. — In recent cases there are marks of the local ac-

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which was used; the patient having got well, the in-

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and a platinum needle, properly sterilized in the flame,

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tion, if the time be over two hours, should be considered as

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In the short discussion which followed the reading of

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tell. Examination of his eyes by Dr. Millikin sliowed no

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tremities made it probable that the peripheral nerves also had been

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out, no doubt whatever was raised. The deceased pur-

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his hand to his throat as if to remove some difficulty there, or holds

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