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does not usually wreck the patient's physique, it exhausts
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other objections. Since December, 1847, when his defence of
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munis, and in the former case the milk remains fluid, and
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gave an interesting report of a recent case in which a foreign body
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stabilizing their charges for one year as initiated by
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J. Frankl. Inst., Phila., 1881, 3. s., Ixxxi, 440-4.-)] .—Cones
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saddest features is that in every epidemic there are a number of
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tendency to result in recovery. Cases of the kind have been recorded
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the operation should not be performed during the child-bearing period,
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which may be felt through tlie abdominal walls. This condition is called
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was present, with marked constitutional symptoms and profuse des-
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facts lie in a nutshell. We regret to state that Mr. Van
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ness of a very high class, and he ought to be compensated
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cating him into insensibility is responsible for the accidents that occur
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