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fibres, dilating the pupil and producing unilateral pallor of the face;
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1. Functional disorders and minor morbid conditions.
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use of the potassium cyanide, because other effects
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varieties of cousti])ation. Two main varieties are recog-
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Kocher described it as " cachexia strumipriva." The results following on
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gynecologists do not now wash out a pelvic abscess. Where there
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colour and smell of most kinds of oil ; but its effects are limited.
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the patient was previous to visiting the water-closet.
tremor is often only a hysterical one produced by saturnism.
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of cells with fewer nuclei is held to be unfavorable, an increase of those
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than an ordinary conflagration to interfere with a real
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held, and the feet permitted to remain free, the lids are
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introduction, and uncertainty as to its revelations.
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tor oil, was subject, during a considerable period, to profuse
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greater portion of the unoxidized phosphorus is found in the urine as phos-
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Sternberg expressed himself as hopeful as to the com-
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it takes place, and is progressive, if the jaundice continue.
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The work contains 20() chapters, each containing an account of a
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hollow needle by attaching a piece of rubber tubing
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in a boy aged ten, alarming symptoms, followed by an eruption resembling

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