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 Labub Kabir Khas

pargiug, and when 1 made my morning visit she was dying : there

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[Commnnleated for the Boiton Medical and Surgical Journal.]

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been made to Dr. John Griffin, chairman of the nautical

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larity of treatment in a hospital aids in the im- j

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and 1852-56, the tendency to suicide was nearly stationary. There

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much diluting milk with water or even barley water for in-

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riages that heredity takes the line of least resistance. A marriage

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On the evening of her admission she had some vomiting, thought by

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5. These experiments have also shown that the bactericidal

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are suitable for the older scholars, who can dispense with the

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The importance of iodine and mercury in certain diseases ;

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So much attention is being paid to the calcium metabolism in con-

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tients, the children and their parents, and the commu-

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in a few minutes. It is believed that the prompt action of the atropine is

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I then house-surgeon, Dr. Carter, I investigated the cases of

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system can support it. The food ought to be mild ; sometimes cheese and honey

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