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diarrhea, but later recovered. Recovery also occasionally takes
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rous, it seems expedient to divide them into groups.
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Has an unrivalled reputation. Established by over twenty
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1 127, 225 Cal Rptr 297 (Ct App), review denied (Cal June
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Infant Feeding and Diagnosis X-Bay and Klectro-Ther ap e uti cs
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his sick. Although every means was put in requisition for their re-
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banishing an enemy with whom we have thus far failed to battle
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knowledge suggests, death may be due, in part, to thrombosis
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This was a soft-nosed, steel-jacketed rifle ball, thirty- thirty
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agencies given before the above date, a're hereby an-
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given both in America and at the best known continen-
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This is a suitable place to refer to the existence of oiA'ic ixewritis
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the left side up and about an inch above the iliac crest. She went out on Oc-
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the five following days. But no restraint was yet put upon the
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in reference to the Conjoint Board. There was no scheme
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upon the skin ; (6) external, those opening on the skin only; (c) internal, those
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Dr. Denman's Midwifery, and to a paper by Dr. Merriman, in the
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Blood Exudations. In all inflammations there is some mi-
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Peritonitis. — The Journal of American Medical Association,
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pretation of an usually retrospective character, and carefully guarding against
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Characters of wounds produced by weapons. — Let us now suppose that
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soon lapse into active convulsions, with rolling on the side and constant
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teaching programs^ this was not always possible and extra^
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or gruel and give as soon as vomiting has taken place. Nothing
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by pressing a small amount of sputum between two cover-glasses, then sliding
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was placed in the middle beaker, distilled water, in the other two.
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Last year, we had occasion to speak of these agents — and also to
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In one of our wards with 70 patients, 25.7 per cent gave a history of
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same effect, so far as acoustic principles and results are concerned,
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uniform and identical fashion. The subcutaneous and intermuscular cellular
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Case 2.* — Acute Hydrocephalus in a Scrofulous Child — Recovery.
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blood to certain portions of the system, and there is this peculiarity in
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We would remind the Index also that the creation and

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