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 Promescent Rite Aid

which he has devoted a large share of two volumes, in language

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This is a pleasantly compiled volume of the Year-Book class.

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photomicrographs will convince us of the sudden transformation

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aesthesia persisted, and the ulceration steadily enlarged. Notwithstanding the

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ing of metallic buttons, arranged in a single circle or in two arcs of

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those caused by retardation of the circulation. The former are produced in

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success of this method became more marked towards the end of the war period.

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to the consideration of the purely clinical features of the case. He had

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numbers of small aneurismal dilatations. The disease has occurred in

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excitability of the nerve-filaments. The following fact also tends to

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organ. Right auricle is very large, size of a small orange;

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a true one, and fit to be relied on, whenever the chief

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plated as occurring, except through accident, in such

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that the Chairman had used, especially as the Asylum had

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Howard Lilienthal holds, that when the appendix is ligated at

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prevents the escape of carbon dioxid. Eain has a similar effect on the

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ently perfectly healthy is important in this connection. These mild

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Encyclopaedia Britannica proudly announces the biggest

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(A.) Fistula recto-vesicalis bei einer weiblichen Ki anken ;

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Loosening of the Teeth. — Dr. Sewill, British Med-

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Feldman, Conference Coordinator, 3770 Tansy St, San Diego 92 121.

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required for red. White light of different periods of vibra-

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reach a certain point, the irritation, acting as a stimulus, causes

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30 years, and phl^sis was practically unknown. Hie natives in

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at the curves representing the loss of life in large masses

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I. It is an interesting fact that one can obtain a very good

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Some time ago the writer made a series of experiments

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