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     Jamaican Stone Tingling

    cians that this intermittent type of congestive fever was of

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    of Samos, near the coast of Asia Minor, about the year

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    Muzzle velocity 1,300 ft. S. 2,285 ft. S. 2,000 ft. S.

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    instances the central pits or depressions are palpable, forming a characteristic

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    which pass through phases of excitation and depression. In women

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    EiwTOET. Robert Lindsay, eet. 62, carder of wool— admitted 21s1 March L854.

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    catarrh, pneumonia, and the like, without any preliminary otoiTluoa ; and

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    uiine being drawn off every six hours with an ordinary female catheter."

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    case has been eight years, during which time not a single

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    such as catarrhal jaundice, of an endemic character,

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    the two ends of which are made to approximate, and at each

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    dominal wall, to themselves, and to the uterus, and

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    In this light, it appeared that the objections frequently

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    tion to the formation of a false membrane. It usually appears in the

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    and leads to vacillating and improper treatment, I shall present a few

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    those surgeons at whose hands and from whose ignorance or inattention

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    all, and the case dies or does not improve. In this

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    bones converted into adipocere, during the maceration in water necessary

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