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large buildings. It is more uniform than steam, as well as more economi-

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“The patients are frustrated and angry. The doctors are

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the appetite, they are to be repeated ; but if they cause distress

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Feb. 4^. The morning temperatures for the past two days have been

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reported is easily explained by the stasis of the blood which is

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which endeavors to introduce impossible hypothoses to


don, Lecturer on Medicine at St. Mary's School, etc., etc.

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tained through the canal built by Nature, in order to

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anemia, oliguria, with headache and vomiting, and who after ten

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reminds us, on the title-page, of an old scholar who went so far as to

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we may, by administering small doses of phosphorus which do not

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IV. — A case of leucoma cornesB, in a man aged eighteen,

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such matters, and being anxious to do what I can to

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feller Institute receives $200,000 for the establish-

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carditis occurs twice as often in females as in males, and occurs more fre-

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operation, and found her sitting up by the fire, directing the domestic affairs

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obliged to go through the torture of memorizing a whole volume of


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pair of legs, is separated from the rest of the trunk. This

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water dissolves tannic acid ; the ether removes gallic acid,

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such a case to determine as to the periodicity of the albuminuria and

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In Cases CCCLXIII, CCCLXIY, it was in a scirrhous condition. In Case

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remainder consisting of children whose vaccination had been

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is known personally, as for example, when examined be-

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alternating-current arc light mechanisms, when the patient

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