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 Stendra Bugiardino

recurrence in 1912 and most decided symptoms in 1913, when he was in the
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with powder, but the rest of the skin was not scorched at all.
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Prognosis. — The early recognition of Banti's disease is of the highest
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of erythrocytes and the formation of bile thrombi. The presence of
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1881; Grashey, Die Wellenbewegung elastischer Rohren und der Arterienpuls des
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materially interfered. The treatment is executed by standing behind
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vailed ; and to such an extent that, in 1852, a new
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tant letter from Dr. Arthur R. Reynolds, the Commissioner of
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cularly requested that those who send communications will have them
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The treatment consists mainly in rendering the skin and ulcers aseptic
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In Europe and the United States, as well as in India, influences
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the interior cellular spaces contain contribute to both the
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of this early crenation is not known. This is also true of delayed
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The mortality from the more common infectious diseases and
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four years ago he was a blacksmith, and was then able
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The Delegates convened pursuant to adjournment, at the store of Mr.
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JT r^K^V?"''"^ it of all the fine' sensibilitv, the
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Subscriptions should be sent to Superintendent of Documents, Goveniment
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Lond., 1897, lix. 461-463.— Suzanne. Epitbeiinnia de la
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painful urination. For nearly a year before I saw her
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cial duty and ordered to the U. S. Steamer New York.

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