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or intumescence of any kind. It was obvious that the
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it, is generally, in some degree or other, short or hurried. You
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in this country, and in those institutions the median time
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I would emphasize the fact that heart block and the Adams-
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The first is alcohol in some form. The second is Vidiy
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will take to make a cure and the amount of suffering it will entail ;
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A short time ago it seemed advisable to take note of the
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a turbid green fluid ; evacuations nearly all bile. Says
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Histological examination of the lesions of hydrocystoma shows the
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together by sutures, and it was remarkable how completely the
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symptom is the tremor, which also frequently disturbs his
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then washed out twice daily with a four per cent, solu-
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walked, and they were considered by the owner and other sheepmen
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found that one-tenth grain of aloin once, twice, or three times daily will
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another fit in the hospital during which tlie dislocation occurred,
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vix, constituted eighty-one per cent, of all the uterine
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to say that nothing remained, save the cicatrix of the incision, by
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My experience among the Filipinos positively disproves this theory,
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ture of two parts of sulphuric ether and one of chloroform, liquid mea»
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in gynecoloi^y to add tiiis volume to his lii)rary. It

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