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 Hugegenic France

hugegenic france

other circumstances during the prevalence of an outbreak of nietria. Re-

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ent tissues was that recommended by M. A. Gautier, 2 which he con-

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1854 and 1858, but on account of the large amount of additional matter and alterations Air*

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taken unnecessarily under the false notion that it is neces?ary to do so in

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January, February, and March. In April and May the amount was yet

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medical treatment where complete rest for manent results have been obtained."

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The total number of Incunabula is now 286 titles (268 volumes) .

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Surgeon June, 186.5. He served in the Eastern campaign of

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Muriate of Lime. Alterative and resolvent, in glandular dis-

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The " arterial territories " lose, therefore, some importance, but the question

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will prove effectual in male or female. — Therapeutic

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average; that is, we must know the amount of variability as well as


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springs dining the exanthematic period of the disease*

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The finger pressed upon this bulge causes the tonsil to protrude

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the muscles. At first the loss of power is slight. The patient

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The diseases upon which this local affection was engrafted, in the instances

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to the conclusion that the true etiologio factor is not yet demon-

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slowing of the pulse, inequality of the pupils, an intense ch<>kr<l disk, uid

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as a general rule it is proportional to the severity. Cases in which

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fluent Pox; and therefore it will be convenient for

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1. The conglutination reaction in our hands has not proved of much

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pyogenes, Bacterium coli, and perhaps Stapliylococcus aureus. A point

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which the disease may be maintained. Our chief object, however,

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present. The whole body may be in a state of agitation, especially in old

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conditions nnder wliich they were originally delivered, and to allow a

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