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The " abortive treatment" by quinine is much trusted to in our own
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that probably 50% of the abdominal operations on women result from
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Kelling (189G), as a result of tests in the stomach and the rectum,
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state of opinion in this country respecting the comparative
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tinuing decline in infant mortality.” National Center for
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sleep with a most violent screaminof delirium. Narcotics
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sponding to such visible movement that we may hope to demonstrate the
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cranial presentation, between the thumb and fingers pressed into
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The Tetanus Bacillus as an Intestinal Saprophyte in Man. —
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reached in the matter of infant feeding. The milk reaches
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The nature of the imbedded particles can generally, however, be pretty
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nutrition. There is little doubt that its value in these diseases
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tinuous hspmorrhage is established, particularly from an
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I tried myself for an hour and could get no further than within three
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dent of the North Central Medical Conference. He also was elected last
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by-laws are printed, they will be sent to the state
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children, from the disagreeable itching; and when this
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to meet him here he resorted to this method of keeping
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greatly contracted; so much so, indeed, that when dilated to its fullest extent,
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the heart. The conclusion was then plain, that it was formed
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the only suggestive sign and this is usually considered to indicate an
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In April 191 7 a shipment of coolies left China. The
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at times diminished by other pathological processes ; as by acute
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this occurs sometimes even in women of the j bowels, than which, with the exception of
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of the Society to the fact that sprue does exist here and we have got to
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century. If this idea be correct we have failed to prevent
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were made in Austria, Hungary, and Germany, and allowed us always to
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speaking, the character of the movement is quite unlike that met with in
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fell with his left leg bent under liim, and from that instant was
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