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     How Good Is Himcolin

    importance. During our recent investigations of the Washington

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    It being apparent that nothing short of surgical interference would

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    of the third and fourth dorsal vertebrae ; the osseous portion of

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    the seat of the primary sore, which are affected. In primary affections

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    342 CoRNWELL, Affections of the Eye-muscles. [April

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    **From our experience with 19 cases, I feel justified in performing splenectomy

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    them from malignant growths; and indeed abscesses not unfreqaently

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    want this Committee to do is to apply its powers to show how

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    class ; and that you experience a real desire, an ambitious de-

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    in event a decision were made by the Council, or perhaps the

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    immunity • generally the behef has been that this immumty is capable of

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    and I mUSt limit myself tO thlS paSSing white corpuscles have been treated with

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    ephemeral swellings of the skin, and sometimes of mucous membranes

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    above mentioned, a slight obstruction of the gall-ducts accompany the

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    have to do is to prefer to follow old Dr. Still rather than

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    Any one interested in the sick-benefit, funeral-aid, and death-beneficiary associa-

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    represented in grams the strain exerted by the muscle at a point on the tarsus

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    Thomas's Hospital — has been transferred from the fourth

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    structed. Vomiting does not occur until the colic has

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    Ingersoll, Louise M., Asheville; Woman's Med. Coll., 1914 1915 1917

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    in their litter in this as in many other diseases. These symptoms,

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    another passage, he says, '• Although valuable in the relief of symp-

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    nor radiation therapy. The cumulative dose of bleomycin was

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