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used, and accordingly he placed a number of bottles of the suspected

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and abdominal disturbance, and they may produce very serious symptoms

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language of medicine is, moreover, so direct ly de-

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whence it is named lactuca leporina, hares lettuce .

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the middle of May, 1915. patient stated that he ex-

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the left with the pulmonary veins, bringing the blood from the

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evidence, a verdict was returned of Chance Medley, ac-

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ideation in depressed patients, do not permit easy access to large quantities of dmg. Periodic liver

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cases which Prof. Stevens, of the A. & M. mouth on fresh uncooked vegetables, such

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stop the trouble. Very interesting operations are done

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addition to the strength of the metal employed in the composition of

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corpuscles is greater in men than in woman, and greater in

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' Report of the Surgeon-General of the Army, 1899, p. 314. Wa-shington, 1899.

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tissue in these growths is in most cases due to an insufficient

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comfort. It is necessary to remove both arteries in order to prevent

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and may be used without danger in ambulatory practice and in

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A l)doiniualtyphus niit .AusL'aug iu Gi-nesuug. Alio-.

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services rendered under section 4424 of the Compiled Laws of

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pathogenesis of experimental viral myocarditis, In Kawai C, Abelmann WH (Eds):

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have lately had under their consideration the suggestion that

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glycerine in which they had been i)reserved. This was

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ease has developed, within the last few months only.

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surgeon advises the commander on matters pertaining to the

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times slowly and progrossi ng very gradually. It is especially afternephri-

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see, for further information on this subject, ' Churchill on the Diseases of

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against the introduction of cholera into this country.

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to the preceding but more abundant. The upper fluid retains a slight smoky

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vomited fluids, thallium has also been discovered after its subcu-

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