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 Ginseng History

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Fig. 295. — Chart of a Case of Subtertian Malarial Fevep„
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Dr. T. C. Evans : Through the courtesy of Dr. Ray I saw the case
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toes. J6id., 178. . Congenital subluxation (anterior)
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might lead to better preventive treatment. The most impor-
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and obvious results which are sometimes desirable to fortify
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10. Malnpiartt Deposition in the Peritoneum. — INIr. O'Fcrrall exlii-
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nificant lesions. The whole picture corresponds to the usual findings in
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and have received the name of osteosarcoma, all hough many tumours
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lesion is in the cerA'ical region, the temperature may be abnormally Ioav,
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In so far as I have traced out the career of Arbuthnott, I have
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were known as "surgeons of the long gown." With the
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out any eggs, although some makers use about 5 eggs to each gallon
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motion may be so inverted, that the contraction of No. 2 may dilate No.
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Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Pathology, Dermatology, Diseases of the Eye,
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nuts between meals. Liked fruit and ate a lot of it. Has been
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Drs. Henry Griswold, Charles P. Russell, John C Frazer,
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Feb. 4^. The morning temperatures for the past two days have been
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where they are delivered. The same rules will apply to Clinical Surgery.
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recognizable manifestations of pellagra on Sept. 26, 1912. She suffered a
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cause softening, for they may be blocked suddenly by embolism or by
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size, which irregularities are increased by dessication of the surface
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versational powers of Coleridge were influenced by the same cause. The
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tine stupes, and particularly by the iodine paint (F. 197),
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and the tenesmus frequently ceased entirely, while the
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with urine from which the protein has been removed, because the precipitated albu-
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days. He affirms that this method of treatment is often extraordinarily
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whatever which can compel it or other towns to do so
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sionally it may be but partial. As a rule death may be
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gastric nerve at its source, impairing the consumption, oxydatiou or
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synechia posterior of the injured eye. The vision was re-
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tions of vital importance to the welfare of the people of Canada
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ache and to diminish the cerebral excitement. The patient should be placed
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fracture of the cervical vertebrae can be made from the

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