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cord, then, was compressed between two abnormal bony points
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apply to other remedies which have a controlling influence over the disease.
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of disease, — a belief which continued to exist for many
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portion to the care with which the food is selected and prepared. The
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(d) was completely precipitated in 24 hours at 1 : 10 and 1 : 20
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have temperatures such as we never have in the East,
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dos efl'eitos pbysicos e nioraes dos exercicios gym-
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form kills by paralyzing the heart first, has been uniformly
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is not an attribute of the specific fevers only, for many varieties of simple
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* It was called the Freneli disease also in England.
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The sponge is then removed from the rectum, and an opium
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rheumatism or neuralgia, in the affected limbs and in increased heat at the
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carefully observed, but a lumbar puncture was not made. The second
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from them something further than a foundation for mere
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sympathy will be freely mingled with shame and remorse ; shame, that in
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temperament, and especially the hysterical, are almost exclu-
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Skoda {Auscultation and Percussion, translated by Markham, London,
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enmity wiU prevail in the land; and if it should rain during that
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^ Special Operation for Abortion, C. H. Harris, Ga,, p. 842, Sep-
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the accident. Thus, in the young girl who fell upon her feet (Martin) the
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the Clinical Lectures— Perpetual, £10 10s. ; or, for one year,
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with Arsenic ; and who, therefore, have no experience of its
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strain of vaccine virus in an entirely typical manner.
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before this stage is reached. There is seldom any fever, nor does the
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by flashing a profile of his aquiline nose. He took his work
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have important pathological bearings ; but, at present, no positive conclu-
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develops frt)m a cholera diarrhoea or a cholerine that has existed for
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I am certainly warranted in ascribing the presence of
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ii, p. 340) mentions the case of a woman, aged 50, who had been the snbject of
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portionally decreased. But how to acquire so clear a knowledge
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this remedy would prove useful. It also was evident from the
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cadaveric matters, introduced by the hands of the male obstetri-
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relating to morbid psychical phenomena left nothing

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