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 Fertilaid Late Period

punctures ; but it was not like a normal vaccine cicatrix, and

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rotating the arm representing the fissure of Rolando.

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through all partitions of the numerous pockets. Three

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minster Hospital, &o. Pp. 181. London, 1873 . . .449

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Following x^ageli, the matter essential to, and directly concerned in,

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It is not many years since it was generally taught and

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veloped. If the blood-poison does not kill at the outset, the

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Treatment. — In some cases, where fever is high and pain in-

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1. iEthiops mineral 2 dr., blue pill 1 dr., prepared antimony

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on one vocal cord, but could not see the chalk. The child was lightly anaes-

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Seventh District — Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson, La Crosse,

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sold by door-to-door canvassers. Prices are based on \

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fatal. We seldom or never hear of hospital gangrene, or any of those diseases

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paper by Dr. Romans, Am. Journ of Meu. Sciences, July, 1868, p. 53.]

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hemorrhage in only 4 — which scarcely warrants the

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to organize a scientific mission to proceed to Egypt to

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sepai-ation, the douche of 1-4000 must be repeated,

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Manson calls the motile parasite a plasmoeba, and says it appeared

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friends who have been most closely associated with me in

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El(i. 8. — A copy of an ancient drawing lately in the possession of Mr. E.

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alterations in its physical condition. Thus he conceives a specific

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remains completely unconscious or partly recovers. In case of im-

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cities and towns as far as Mobile and Birmingham de-

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My object is to offer to your notice a course of treatment

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The colonies after this time resembled very closely those of

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drinking freely and frequently out of the same tin-cup,

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This idea was well known in England in former times. You

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quently there are no other symptoms of syphilis, but sooner or

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April 14th. Patient eats solid food in abundance, and has no pain or

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Hygienic Institute, Oergel, who had been continually occupied in inves-

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breast, where the diagnosis was unequivocal, that the affection

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begin to expel these membranes afterwards, and cites a case from

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feces were well formed. Pressure, and gentle stretching

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