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 Feminax Express Tablets

admissible by any high class medical journal in this country.

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Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Western Virginia and

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were rather below than above the average in ordinary practice."

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of to revert to the part of the report relating especially

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that of all the clauses and phrases in the many definitions of fever

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iiNsociiition. 10., 1887-8; 13., 1890-91 ; 17.-19.,

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an attack like those referred to at the beginning and end of the

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the dressing of the wound, the thread is unwound and

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Case.— J. S., male, aged 70. His chief complaint is painful

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I need say nothing ; every meeting of the Society gives proof

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been entertained by physicians and dermatologists as

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the facts adduced and the reasoning adopted by our author in support of

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pulse, of 8 observations, same position, is 72^^^. Difference, 5^^%.

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contraction he prefers the rapid method of dilatation. He

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disease is noticed most frequently between the ages of 20 and

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3. A lesion of the crus cerebri. This frequently produces

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tive harmlessness of carriers may lie noted in this connection. A

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the case should have been considered by any one as a

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reeling in character, he tends to fall. Closely similar to this state of

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the abscess cavity. There was no fluid in the pleural cavity. The abscess

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cirrhosis of the liver is by no means confined to alcoholics. It is often

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cialists of this city and in Boston, and obtained but temporary

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the special literature on diseases of the ear and eye following influenza.

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the chapters on phthisis. As the symptoms of pulmonary, or cerebral,

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present C{uite exhausted. Temperature, 36.4°; pulse 86; respirations,

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evidence alone — the medical evidence respecting the period of gestation or

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